Counting Up, Counting Down...

My first born son is about to turn one year old. What an overwhelming, and wonderful occurrence. I want to write for him, something mythical and true, like his very existence. But nothing, nothing could ever come close to what he brings to me... What can I say? How to begin?

Do I write about the moments, both the lingering and the quick, and all the moments in between, that he will never remember, and I will never forget? Would I try to calculate a range of beats his heart has pounded from his very first since his mom and I touched him?

Will I write about how his body has grown, tiny bit, by tiny bit, his broadening hands, his eyelashes, his clapping and gurgling and righteous laughter, and his shallow, rapid breaths when he sleeps, tucked up between his mom and me.

Will I write about how he has gotten so dang strong, and his names; Swinging Bear Fists, Ro- Ro, Rollo, Chunk, sweetie, Strong Land.

What will I write?

I have twelve days; I will let you know.